The flagship show of the network, the Big Sarge Show gives you political commentary on topics ranging from Sharia law to immigration.  These shows grab the attention of hundreds of thousands of viewers and Sarge has garnered an awesome amount of followers and listeners.  This show is one of the most rivaled shows in internet radio. 

The Big Sarge Show airs Thursdays at 7 pm EST and Saturdays at 9 PM EST.  This is one show that you’re definitely not going to want to miss. 

THE A-TEAM (Rant Team)

Zach Kay ​delivers level headed commentary that makes you think and question everything. His style is UNEQUIVOCALLY the best in internet radio. if you want to hear the truth with a bit of conspiracy mixed in, than listen to Zachs rants.

Alex Kirsch hails from The West Coast and has a flare that captures you from the moment he goes live. Whether its sharing real life experiences or ranting about politics, Alex is sure to leave you wanting more and more.

Both hosts are apart of The Big Sarge Show team and do rants and co-host on the show.

Down Range with Sarge

Down Range with Big Sarge offers rants of various topics. Sarge goes live at a moments notice and you really never know what you’re in for. He could be ranting about politics, life, or maybe even someone who pissed him off.

Regardless of his intent, these short five to thirty minute segments are sure to leave you salivating for more.

Sarge certainly is no hold bar when it comes to being down range. TARGET!!! CEASE FIRE!!

The Cerebral Connection with Zach Kay

Modern Mental Weaponry. Come join us so you can take back your life and take back your mind. Zach talks about anything ranging from anxiety, depression, and even PTSD.  He has written numerous books, exerts on these ailments, and his show helps those that listen.  Providing steps to take back mind, Zach takes you into a world that only few have dared to venture. 

Google:  Red Con One Media 
Instangram:  RedConOneMedia
Twitter: @RedConOneMedia 

Into The Rabbit Hole

Into the rabbit hole delves into the realm of the weird, the conspiratorial, and exposes the true wickedness of this world. Whether its MKUltra, UFO’s, Bigfoot, or the Men in Black our show will take you down the proverbial rabbit hole. 

Our hosts Robert and Zach will provide a unique look into any and all things that make your mind spin, make you think, and open your mind. If its on the fringe then this show will cover it.

Mr Brutally Honest

During the Bundy standoffs and at the point of Lavoy Finicum being executed I realized it was time for something to happen. I could not just not sit quietly by and not say something any more.

It was at this time that I began down the path of telling my opinions on all that I see wrong in the governments on all levels. City, county, state, federal. Plus all the corruption and greed and misgivings that is forced upon us every day.
I came to the conclusion that it is time for all to hear from us, We The People, all that work in the different seats of office, no matter who they are work for Us. We Do NOT work for them.

Thus started the Mr. Brutally Honest Show. An opinion page that is from a hard working family that thanks the good Lord up above for all the blessings bestowed upon them and just plain ole country folks that do not live in a town or city.

We strive every day to better ourselves and to learn something new everyday that we did not know anything about already.

The Deplorables

Eric Thompson lives in the liberal Utopia of Northern California. After starting and operating several successful businesses, his concern about the direction America was headed, lead him to start a new career in radio broadcasting. The Deplorables, a Conservative Talk Show, connects MAGA supporters to make sure their voices are heard loud & clear in DC.

Live 11 am to noon Mon Tues and Wed

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